Do You Have to Learn jQuery?

JavaScript is still gaining popularity and at this point, you can’t be a website developer without knowing at least a couple of things about it. In the last couple of years, jQuery secured its position on the market and it is quite clear that you can develop an impressive website based on this library alone. Even so, many developers are still wondering if JavaScript is really necessary and if they should take a closer look at jQuery or not. Here are some of the facts you should know about this library.

Write Less, Do More

If you are already familiar with this expression, you might know that it is the slogan of jQuery and it also happens to be true. No matter what you are trying to achieve, doing it in jQuery will take fewer lines of code than you would normally need. Plus, this library is very intuitive, so if you already know a couple of things about JavaScript, you will get familiar with the language in just a few days. Most developers who use jQuery do so because they can finish complicated tasks faster and with greater ease.

Access to Plug-ins

You might be interested in learning jQuery simply because you won’t have to study much before you will get the hang of it. Once you know the basic elements, you can start downloading and using some of the thousands of plug-ins available online. You can create complex galleries, animations and many other design elements in a matter of minutes, just by downloading and modifying the right plug-in. Because jQuery is still gaining popularity, you can expect hundreds of new plug-ins each day, so you should definitely be excited about getting access to all of them in an instant.

Increase Website Performance Through jQuery

The more you add to a website, the higher the chances of creating a bug or increasing the loading time. These are two big problems that developers have to face each day and because many people still have very poor internet connections, you always have to figure out a way to optimize your website for everyone. If you decide to use jQuery, the final size of your website will be considerably lower than what you obtain from using Flash or any other popular platform. Plus, the animations are still very attractive and they won’t require as many resources to run fluidly.


If you are a developer, you can continue on your path and create websites without learning jQuery. However, there are quite a few advantages that this library brings and getting the hang of it is not that complicated. The best way to figure out if you can implement jQuery into your projects is by taking a look over a few tutorials. This way, you will see exactly how much time you can save by learning jQuery and you will be able to make the difference between this library and the platform you are currently using for creating websites.