Don’t Tag Me, Dude: How to Manage Facebook Photo Tags

This article will demonstrate tips on how to remove unwanted photo tags, and above all, how to adjust your Facebook privacy options to ensure an unapproved photo tag never shows up on your Timeline anymore.

Take a look through this simple, step-by-step process. It only takes some quick understanding to steer clear of those annoying or perhaps redundant appearance of images on your Facebook wall.

Step 1. Unwanted Photo Tags

Most of us experienced this typical online scenario where we are surprised by inappropriate or unflattering photo at some instance. Don’t fret though, you’ll get the right solution to get rid of that undesirable tag, and later control your privacy settings so it won’t happen again.

Step 2. Untagging Action

To do this, just click the pencil icon on the upper right corner of the page and select “remove tag”.

Step 3. Removing Tag Options

In this step, you’ll see 2 pop-up icons to settle informing Facebook the reason for removing the tag from the image. The first screen tells you to remove the tag quietly, requesting the person to de-tag you from that image, or maybe block that person.

Step 4. Reason for Removing the Tag

Next, you will choose from the options why you ask to removed the tag. Whenever it’s unflattering or undesirable for you, then click the first option and then “continue” to the next step.

Step 5. Privacy Settings

At this point, look into the ever-changing options of Facebook privacy to control any tagged photos sometime soon. Click “Privacy Settings” from the pull-down menu on the upper right of your FB page.

Step 6. Editing the Tag Settings

Simply tap “Edit Settings” after the section “How Tag work”.

Step 7. The Option “How Tag Work”

At this juncture, you will now spot list of options you can adjust to match your preferences for privacy.

Step 8. Reviewing Timeline

To allow this action, just hit Timeline Review. This means you can review every tagged post manually prior to its appearance on your FB Timeline.

Step 9. Tag Review

This option works similarly with photo tags. Click this to view again the image tags before they show up on your Timeline.

Step 10. Tag Suggestions

This one is a bit different compared to the previous steps. This is using the facial detection tool of Facebook which theoretically spot you in a photo and recommend tagging you to any of your FB friends uploaded it. You are able to turn this off on the whole by hitting the option “no one” or you can enable suggestions to appear to your social friends.

Step 11. Approving Tags

On the subsequent screen provides you the option for approving or ignoring the tag. If you hit “Ignore”, the photo will not show up on your wall. Remember that you still have to click on the image to get rid of the tag.

Step 12. Activity Log Notifications

If you have allowed the options for review, it’s time to manually accept the tag if someone tags you. These alerts that come in numbers will appear in your Activity Log” underneath the cover photo. Just simply hit on the box to see the numbered alerts.

Step 13. Maximum Visibility of your Timeline

This smart guide only covers the issues about the settings to ensure the kind of content you want to appear on your Facebook Timeline. However, you can go further. If you prefer to always keep your activity out of public knowledge, then you can manage who can view your tagged photos and other posts after they show up on your Timeline. Go to your “Privacy settings” which is found at the upper right corner of the pull-down menu. Then choose “Edit Settings” after the section “how tag works”. After that, click on the pull-down menu and hit “Custom”.

Step 14. Custom Privacy

This section allows you to hide posts that are tagged on your Timeline coming from certain folks from the social site.

Step 15. Hiding Tagged Posts

Finally you will uncover the tagged posts that you already approved right from your “Activity Log”. These can be viewed by your friends are not visible for those people whom you placed to the “Hide option”.