360 Root App All Versions

The Android app Root 360 Apk is specially designed to rooting any Android devices. The app entirely performs function without having to need a computer for accessing your Android device. Certainly you are going to need a computer for the PC version.

Indispensable Features of 360 Root App | Download 360 Root Apk on Android

This amazing, free rooting app, offered by a Chinese company, offers other features along with rooting that make the 360 Root Apk stand out from its competitors. Below you can find its amazing features, which you can access after free 360 Root Apk Download.

Quick Access to Rooting

This app allows its users to gain quick access on all the Android Devices, whether it’s the Android 2.2 or the latest. You can merely download the app then install it in your device. Once you’ve installed 360 Root App, open and click on the Root Button to gain root access.

Easy Uninstalling of Existing Apps

360 Root Apk Download offers one of the most important features desired by many Android users, that is uninstalling the pre-installed apps. When your Android device has finished rooting, you can smoothly uninstall all the pre-installed apps as well as system applications from the Android Gadget, which is not usually possible.

System Cleaning and Cache Clearing

Cache clearing and System cleaning are two most important functions needed to perform on daily basis on Android devices and the 360 Root Apk lets you to. It allows system cleaning and also clearing the cache data. This feature of the app increases the health of device and let it run faster and smoother.

Locking the Gallery

A separate app is often used to lock the gallery in the Android devices but after 360 root apk download and installation, it will give the option of locking your gallery. Actually, it eliminates the odds of wasting limited space of your Android device by installing a separate gallery locking app.

Useful Facts to Remember Before Using 360 Root App

Recent Test Report

A recent test on Xiaomi Mi4, powered by Android 4.4.4 has shown that the effort of running the 360 Root App fails to root the device.

However, according to the claim of developer of Root 360 Apk, this app has the capability to root 9000 devices.

Alternative apps

There are a number of rooting apps available in the Android store other than this app, which offers the leverage of rooting your Android device. Alternative apps include iRoot App, Root Genius, Towelroot App, KingRoot App etc.

App Credit

360 Root App is created by 360.CN (360 Security Center). The entire credit goes to them as they distribute the app for free.

Download 360 Root App For All Versions Free

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Download 360_ROOT V8.0.1.1.apk – Latest Version

Download 360_ROOT V8.0.0.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.5

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.5.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.3

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Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.1.1

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.6

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.3

Download 360_ROOT V6.5.5

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Download 360_ROOT V6.4.2

Download 360_ROOT V3.0.2