How to Download Torrent with IDM

Torrent, all over the world, lies among the significant ways to download files but yet because of the slow speed, attempting to download torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager) then becomes unimaginable and that can just download torrent files with two main torrent download managers – Utorrent and Bittorrent – which are also quite slow when downloading files as they deal with the connection upload speed, making it slow when trying to download. Attempt to download torrent using IDM has much faster speed.

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IDM is much faster than almost all download managers available and has made a remarkable downloader for torrent files. Read below to know helpful tips and tricks to download torrents with IDM.

Advantages to Download Torrent with IDM

Internet Download Manager is an incredible software and allows its users to download files at a great speed. So, downloading Torrent with IDM will be faster because IDM uses the download speed instead of upload speed to determine the download speed.

IDM comes with a lot good downloading features like pausing and inserting links to download torrent files. Therefore, downloading Torrent with IDM is very fast.

Download Torrent Files Using IDM

How To Download Torrent File With IDM

Mentioned below are some important steps to download Torrent files with Internet Download Manager.

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1. Download Torrent using any Torrent website, which enables the user to download the key file, for example, Kat Torrent, Extra Torrent or any other Torrent website you like. These websites host the initial Torrent you downloaded as they are used to download the main file.

2. Instead of using the file to download the main file with Torrent downloader, you can go to and upload your torrent file.

Download Torrent Files Using IDM With Zbigz

3. Click on the GO button on the tops right corner of your screen and by the side of upload button then select free download.

4. The website will ask the user to wait for the download.

5. When the file is ready to download, a zip file will appear. Click on the zip file to download it, but if the zip file actually a folder containing files you can without difficulty download them one after one to download torrent files with IDM.

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Torrent With IDM

When you click on the ZIP downloading will begin, but if it doesn’t begin right click on the zip button and copy the zip link and paste it in the IDM interface. By doing so, you will be able to effortlessly download torrent with IDM. It certainly works great and you should give it a try now to experience what other users are enjoying.