Draw ‘Em All: Type draws all 802 Pokémons in 350 hours

Pokémon’s multiply in phases like the rabbits, which makes a lot of work, at least for the illustrator Christopher Cayco, whose hobby horse is XXL-poster with all Pokémons and their variants. In 2015, he only had to draw 721 pocket monsters, which took him 132 hours, but since then, 81 characters have been added, so a new Draw ‘Em All decency: On the current poster are 802 Pokémons gathered, to which still a few dozen variants join (alone 24 Pikachus …), also has Cayco still integrated a lot of accessories from the Pokémon -Universum. Overall, he drew 350 hours on the XXL graphic, which one here as a poster can buy, and of course, there is also a time-lapse video to the action, which takes a comparatively short 1.5 hours.