Droid4X Android Emulator for Windows and Mac PC

Droid4X Android Emulator offers the best features ever like user interface, performance, and compatibility. It allows you to use hundreds of your favorite android apps and games. There are many other android emulators but Droid4X is considered best worldwide due to its ever unique features.

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Bluestacks used to be the most popular android emulator for more than a year but Droid4X, Android Emulator for Windows and Mac PCs, took over its popularity by its amazing user experience. It has many extra features as compared to its competitors in which graphics is the main asset.

Droid4X Android Emulator Features

Droid4x Features

Droid4x Download for PC

Droid4X holds a significant reputation because of its amazing features;

  • 50 percent better performance than other android emulators
  • Graphics are the major asset for its fame all over the world
  • PC controlling feature is also available to easily play motion games on your PC to have a better experience than your phone
  • Offers big screen game enjoyment
  • Every android game and app can be used and played
  • Allows copy and paste commands to function between your PC and the emulator, so you can easily copy and paste anything in desktops and emulator
  • Mouse scroll wheel can be used for Zooming facility – zoom in and zoom out

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You can use the keyboard to play and control your favorite games and you can use your android phone as well to control the game, especially for motion games like racing games. Droid4X is pre-rooted with Google Play Store and Shake the Screen feature is also available.

Droid4X, best Android emulator for windows 10, is easy to download as you will not encounter any problems during and after the process.

Guide to Download and Install Droid4X Android Emulator for PC

Download Droid4X Android Emulator for PC

You can download it from the official website, which is totally free. The file is about 8 MB in size, so it doesn’t occupy much space in your PC and doesn’t take much time to download the file.
Easy Tip: You can press Ctrl+Alt+X to minimize the emulator instantly.

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Install Droid4X Android Emulator for PC

  • Droid4X is an online installer, therefore you must ensure to have an internet connection. However, if your connection speed is slow, you can also download its offline installer and install it on your PC offline
  • Double click on the downloaded file to begin installation
  • Select the destination folder in the initial step, which is optional, of installation
  • Installation process will begin right away and may take 5 to 10 minutes afterward depending on the internet speed
  • When the installation is done, the emulator will start leading and wait until complete
  • You can find Google Play Store pre-installed in Droid4X emulator, click on next
  • Click on the third icon from the right to enable keyboard as controller
  • Follow other instructions provided by the emulator
  • You can find the Droid4X shortcut on your desktop
  • Click on App Store to sign in to the Google Play Store using your Google ID.

Droid4X is one of the best android emulators for windows 10, XP and Mac PCs. Follow the above mentioned instruction to take full advantage of its ever unique features.