Easy way to Sign Out from Google Play Store on Android

For some people signing out of play store is not a big deal but not all fingers are equal and many people often get stuck and confused whether how to log out from Google Play Store. The play store is an important place. This is where you get all your apps. Why would someone want to log out of Google Play store? Sometimes you want to use another Google account to log into the play store or you simply are facing issues with the current Google account that you are using on the play store.
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Google Play store DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT have a log out option. You disagree? Please feel free to check it out for yourself. Google associates all Google products with one account, may it be Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Play store, Drive etc. You cannot use one account for one app and another for another Google product on the same Android device. So we found out an easy and convenient way you could log out from Google Play store. Here’s how;

Step 1

From your android device menu click on the “Settings”

Step 2


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Step 3


Step 4

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When you remove it, you have successfully signed out from the Google Play Store, so you see it that easy, so if you want to sign in with a new account, you can just simply add a new Google account from that same Settings Accounts & Sync.