How To Efficiently Create A WhatsApp Account On Your Smartphone Or PC

WhatsApp is one of the most famous apps that people all over the world use as a communication tool. Almost everyone in the world is using WhatsApp and this post may seem a bit outdated but there are new smartphone users who certainly want to know how to open WhatsApp account. The most amazing thing about this app is that it is not regional or country restricted. So you can use it anywhere on the earth.
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Anyone who has no idea how WhatsApp works, this article will allow you to set up a WhatsApp new account. All it needs is your mobile number that you use to call and text your contacts as a registration number. That mobile number should be the same, which you normally use so people can easily reach you on WhatsApp.

What You Need To Do To Set Up A WhatsApp ID

  • Download and install the application of WhatsApp, whether on your smartphone or your PC
  • The application will ask for your mobile number, so insert your right number that you normally use to contact people
  • When you insert your number, it will accept it
  • WhatsApp will sync all your contacts automatically that are saved in your phone and any of your contacts have a WhatsApp account, it will show you on your favorite list. However, the updated version of WhatsApp has made finding the list of contacts a bit challenging but you can find your contacts in the search option.
  • Now, you have successfully created your new WhatsApp account

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This is the method I used to open my WhatsApp account, and you should too.You can create a WhatsApp account online or you can also find the application on your smartphone’s app store from where you can download and install it. Read further to make things easy.

Download WhatsApp For Your Specific Device

Android: Visit the Google Play Store to Download WhatsApp on Android.

iPhone: Visit the App Store to Download WhatsApp on iPhone.

BlackBerry: Visit the BlackBerry World to Download WhatsApp on BlackBerry.

Windows Phone: Visit the Store or App Social to Download WhatsApp on Windows Phone.

Other Devices: Visit the WhatsApp website,, to create WhatsApp account online.

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This article will surely help you to create your new WhatsApp account effortlessly. Have fun with using the amazing new and constantly updating features of this unique chat application.