Enable And Disable Safe Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3

People who still use, and those who used to have, Samsung Galaxy S3 often wonder about the safe mode that how to put Samsung Galaxy S3 in safe mode. Windows consumers must have heard of the safe mode that allows your computer boot in the least source as to help you get rid of applications safely from your computer, repair, or restore, which are available in the windows safe mode. Android phones also come with safe mode. At first, we must understand the safe mode of the Android.

What Is Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 safe mode allows your smartphone to boot with just the default apps, which are present when you buy the phone. Any downloaded or installed apps from the android market will not be found displaying during the safe mode. You will only be able to access the Application manager and to uninstall the apps that may be the cause of problems in your Samsung S3 when you turn on the safe mode.

How To Enable Samsung Galaxy S3 Safe Mode?

Mentioned below is the step by step simple procedure to enable safe mode on Galaxy S3.

Step 1

Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

Step 2

Press down the power button of your Galaxy S3 until your phone displays the Samsung logo, then release the power button. When the logo is being displayed press the lowering volume button.

Step 3

Hold the low volume button unlit your screen shows safe mode at the left bottom of your S3’s screen. At times, it may take 50 to 60 seconds to show the safe mode.

When you have successfully executed the above mentioned steps, you can continue uninstalling apps you want or do what you want. When you are done with what you were doing, turn Samsung S3 safe mode off. To turn it off, continue reading below.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Samsung Galaxy S3?

Turning off the safe mode on Galaxy S3 consist of just 2 simplest steps.

Step 1

Hold the power button until it device options appear.

Step 2

Select restart to disable safe mode.

Following this 2 step procedure will lead you out of the safe mode and allow your S3 to boot normally, thus, you have exited the safe mode successfully. Now, you can easily enable and disable android safe mode.