Facebook and Jobs: An excellent job search engine

If you’re searching for job, you have many options to utilize for. You can use Craigslist as well as Monster to search the job. Or you can set Google Alerts to find a job. Otherwise you can also use your Facebook account to find a job. With over 500 million users, Facebook has prospective to be amongst the largest. However finding job via Facebook isn’t regarding pestering friends and junk up the news feeds with updates. It’s regarding making most of the network you have in a positive way. Through joining groups or keeping track on your friends’ updates as well as keeping touch with your entire network, you can utilize Facebook to search job. Here are some tips to score a job through Facebook:

Examine Your News Feed Regularly

If you have a Facebook account, you should regularly check news feeds of your Facebook account. If you look for job sites like Monster, Career Builder etc and not getting anything (the reason behind it is that these job sites are flooded with so many people who are searching for jobs), try out Facebook, you might get success as many people or companies post their job requirements on Facebook account as well.

Stay Active in Your Groups

There are many Groups available on Facebook which are related to jobs. So if you want to find a job, you should join the Groups of your respective fields. You should also join the companies which are on Facebook and which are related to your field. You can also post your ad as you want a job or something which will be displayed on your groups and you may get a reply to it, you never know!

“Like” Or Accept the Person/Companies as “Friend” For Which You Like To Work

If you know the company and you have dream to work with it, but couldn’t find a job in that company, and if that company has presence on Facebook, you should “Like” or join their Group or “Accept” as a “Friend”. After doing this, you may get chance of a job in future in case the company has job openings. You might get message or email from the company, it’s never impossible.

Take part in Contests

You may have seen that on Facebook, there are many polls or contests going on all the time. Had you thought about it why these contests or polls are going on Facebook? Well, taking part in polls and contests or starting polls and contests on Facebook may increase your popularity on Facebook, amongst your friends, business groups, companies etc, which may become helpful in finding a job in the future. After all, it enhances your credibility overall.

Start a Dialogue

This is also very useful thing to do, for both, company as well as job seeker. In today’s scenario, instead of receiving resumes from job seekers, companies now give link to their Facebook homepage where, job seeker can know all about the company, how it works and what are its requirements for certain jobs. So it becomes very easy to communicate with both company as well as job seeker to stay in touch through Facebook. Both can communicate through Facebook fairly easily.