Facebook and others to meet UK Government officials

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Reaction of Media and Social Media Ban in the UK

As the UK is investigating the role of online platforms in the recent riots, social networks such as Facebook, Research in Motion and Twitter are scheduled to meet UK government officials to assist and discuss the issue of rioters using social networking platforms to plot and accomplish their goals. The social networking giants are all set to meet Home Secretary Theresa May and other government officials from the UK.

Amidst the ban on social media in the UK, Facebook released a statement saying “We look forward to meeting with the Home Secretary to explain the measures we have been taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe and positive platform in the U.K. at this challenging time”.

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday made news when he vocally expressed his concern on individuals using social networks to orchestrate crime, disorder, violence, and talked about devising ways to prevent suspected criminals from using online platforms. Although media agencies from all around the world have criticized the decision to ban social media in the UK, several news channels have applauded David Cameron’s efforts to ensure criminals don’t have it easy to accomplish their goals. There have been mixed reactions among individuals from around the world about how social networks are being used to promote widespread panic, hate and organized crime. Although social networks Twitter and Research in Motion too are scheduled to meet UK officials next week, a Twitter spokesperson in a statement said “We’d be happy to listen.” a statement which by many is being interpreted as dark sarcasm as a reaction to social media ban in the UK.

Gainers or Losers in context to social media channels

Although the riots in UK have received theatrical reactions on social networks, several individuals have called the decision of banning social media in the U.K. insane. An individual’s statement on a popular social networking site read, “The whole issue of riots in the UK is being blown out of proportion. The term ‘rioting’ has been misused and glorified. When individuals get frustrated with the inability to comply with fruitless government policies incidents are bound to be used as a decoy to establish motive.”

Another comment on a social network read, “The British are ignoramus morons, in the past they looted others, now they loot their own.” News about the social media ban in the U.K. has evoked responses from individuals globally. A response to the news about social media ban on an online platform read, “It’s pointless; the game of poker has begun, they win, we lose”. Lyrics of the song ‘Dogs’ by British Heavy Metal band Motorhead have been aptly quoted by an angry individual on a social networking site.

The Verdict when it comes to using social media in the UK

Although social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Research in Motion were not too pleased to hear the news about the Social Media Ban in the U.K., all three have agreed to abide by lawful requests made by Scotland Yard, intelligence agencies and U.K government officials. In the past too social networks have been used by English football fans to plot and scheme against rival clubs. How things turn out in the days to come, only time will tell.