Facebook begins delving in group deals program

Can Facebook put Groupon’s and LivingSocial out of business?

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We already know that if you can share something interesting on your Facebook wall, chances are you’ll generate a certain amount of free public interest, and you never know when this catapults into internet success. Competition seems to be getting hotter because Facebook has chosen to work on an already successful deals platform. Facebook has decided to use its social networking success to look into the Groupon e-commerce platform.
Facebook has offered a deals program to five cities in the US. This includes Atlanta, Dallas, Austin (TX), San Francisco, and San Diego. Users in the above cities will be able to spot the deals logo at the end of the page from 26th April, 2011. The idea remains the same with deep discounts being offered, and Facebook hopes to reach out far and wide by making use of friend networks that users boast of. What this could entail is the chance to actually buy something at half price. Success of these deep discounts would be largely dependent on small business owners being able to leverage the internet and reach out. Alongside, customers have the chance to lap up great discount deals. It comes as no surprise then that such group coupon business modules have been recognized as fast growing business platforms, and Facebook now wants a part of that.

Facebook begins deal program in five cities

Facebook hopes to exploit its existing networks of friends and family when it begins testing offers in San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin, Texas. The need for a social network can’t be undermined in such a business module because for the most part your free deal comes through if you get a certain number of friends to buy vouchers. For example: In case of LivingSocial, if three of your friends buy a voucher, you get a free one, and Groupon honors their offers when a decided number of people purchase a voucher. Of course, in their cases the offer comes to you via email, and you go looking into your social network to find potential buyers.

Easy functionality of deals and offers via your Facebook wall

Facebook obviously aims to make these deals social in nature from the very start, and would want to tap into what your social group is interested in. Keeping it very simple, Facebook users only need to click on the deals button to glance through the list available to them. You can buy a deal, use the ‘like’ button to promote it, or send friends a message through Facebook to share the deal. Every person who buys or likes a deal will find that activity to be a part of their friends’ news feed. At present deals are being offered by 11 companies that also offer deals to other channels. If the name OpenTable, and Viagogo ring a bell, you’re going to be happy.

Apart from discounts, one will find the occasional ‘friend bonus’ that becomes available when someone from your network buys a deal, and also all-access offers. The offers may be valid for up to a week, or a day. Facebook finds support through 500 million members, so, these deals could reach far and wide. It’s a simple principle where users can pass it forward to reap benefits.