Facebook Free Marketing Tips

Facebook is the best medium right now for some free advertising. Of course, you can choose to plunge in and buy some ads targeting selective audience, but why do that when you have an amazing opportunity to advertise without paying? Here are the top ways to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Apps

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Creating an app is a quick way to spread your message virally. Apps that post things to people’s profiles can spread pretty quickly. While creating an app, however, you might want to be careful, lest you repeat a certain beverage company’s fiasco with an iPhone app. You don’t want to scream out your company’s name and spew out marketing lines. You want to be subtle in a way that users hear of your company without being annoyed. You could make it an integral part of the app. For example, if you run an e-commerce business, you could create a game where a character does things to earn money and then spends it in your shop to buy cool stuff. The users think it’s just a shop within the game, while you quietly get to push your brand across.

Profile pages and Groups

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These are the most abused methods for Facebook marketing. Everyone and their aunt is creating a profile page and a group to spread their business’ word. What you need is an attractive profile with lots of pictures (if applicable) and regularly updated info. People don’t want to join a group or friend a profile that is inactive. But they also don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches, so you might want to be a little careful there.

Facebook like button

Integrating the Facebook like button is a quick way of getting visitors to a well designed page or a well written blog post. We have already seen that the Facebook like button can increase traffic by as much as 50%. Putting up the share and like button for all your posts/pages can drive a huge amount of traffic to your site.


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If you are holding a promotional event, or having an online sale at a certain time, there’s no longer a need to take a full page ad in your local newspaper. Just create a Facebook event and invite everyone you can. Keep the event open and encourage invited people to spread the word and invite their friends. If the event page is well written, invitations will spread like wildfire and before you know it, you will have advertised to more people than your local newspaper could have managed.


A lot of people like to read notes on Facebook. You can use this feature to duplicate your blog posts on Facebook. This way users can read and share the note more easily. Further, even if they just “like” it and don’t share it, their friends will still see the note.

If you are running a little low on cash and can’t advertise anywhere, You can always turn to Facebook. The only thing to remember is, use it smartly. There’s a thin line between marketing and spamming, don’t cross it.