Facebook Has A Brand New Photo Viewer

The New Photo Viewer

Facebook has a new update. An all new revamped photo viewer that lets people view images in a 960 pixel wide resolution. That is good as compared to the 720 pixel display that they had previously. Based on peoples reviews and suggestions, the facebook developers team has come up with this new photo viewer where the photos upload faster and look better on the screen. The new look is designed in a way that all the focus rests on the photo alone. The white translucent light box shows already uploaded photos at a higher resolution.

The Additional Features

The white lightbox focuses more on the photo than the background, which is a good thing. So if you click on a picture next and see the background fading into a pure white, do not be surprised. It is the all-new photo uploader with enhancements. Some of the new features you might notice are that underneath the photos appear a sentence like profile owner’s name ‘with’ the tagged people. So if suppose Jack has tagged Anne and Josh in a photo, the caption will appear as Jack with Anne and Josh. This feature definitely adds on to the whole appeal but it gets a bit tricky when you try and add a caption. Try uploading a picture from your phone directly to Facebook and add a caption and it appears something like this: Jack (caption) with Anne and Josh.

You can also edit who you share the photo with directly from the viewer page and see where did you upload it from. You can rotate the photo by clicking on the rotate buttons on the bottom right corner of the photo, just above the descriptions. On the whole, with its new photo viewer, Facebook is trying to provide the users with all the features that a normal photo editing and storing solution like Picasa provides, with the main difference that the images will be stored at its end, rather than at Google’s. However, if you have not seen any of these new feature updates in your Facebook profile yet, worry not as they are gradually coming your way.

Google vs. Facebook Continues…

With the major players Facebook and Google fighting over their social media solutions, with Google+ integration with Picasa and Facebook’s bid to provide similar platform in its existing system, it is ultimately the end-user who wins by getting more features and better services. While Google tries to incorporate the social networking features of Facebook in its Google+, Facebook is integrating with other players including Microsoft and Skype to provide features like video conferencing and better image management.