Facebook New Profile – the pros and cons!

If you are one of the half billion users of Facebook, you should know about the new profile layout that Facebook introduced early December. You might not ignore this as a minor change as the new page is vastly different from the old one. It might look a big different at the start but the new page looks good and at the same time provides better feel than the older version. It might take time for the faithful of Facebook to get adjusted to the new look, but once they do they will just love it.

Following are the advantages of the new Facebook profile:

Easy Profile Editing

The edit profile option was always a headache with the older version. You had to go to your profile then click on the edit option to make the changes. But the newer version gives you that option on your wall page itself. You will find the “edit profile” option on the top left corner of your new layout screen.

Send Message/Poke

Poking and Sending messages were always an obscure function with the older version. You literally had to run a search for poke to find that option. But now, you will see the Poke button as well as the Send Message button on each and every profile page of your friends. You will be able to find those buttons on the top right corner. Another interesting option is the Chat button which will become visible near the Poke button once the particular person is online. These options will make communicating with a particular person easier.

Making Friendship

Getting to know about the friends of your friends is what Facebook is all about isn’t it? This option earlier known as “Mutual Friends” was almost hidden in the left side pane of the older layout. But now, Facebook has given a separate column on the right side which will show your mutual friends. In addition to mutual friends, it will also show your common interests and likes.

The Improved “Like”

The Like option is the major hit in Facebook. Now, it has gone through a minor change. It was possible to like only the status messages before but now you can even like the comments within the status messages.

Following are the disadvantages of the new Facebook profile:

Over Media Use

Yes, photos and videos do make Facebook interesting. But this has become a headache for people having slower internet connections. Since there are loads of Media in the new layout, it takes them 2-3 minutes even to open the homepage.

The advertisement bandwagon

Great amount of advertisements are being featured on the right side pane which makes the users ignore than part completely. It also reduces the screen size of the Facebook page as well as giving a cluttered feeling to the user.

Information Overload

The default display shows almost all the information which is featured on your Profile. This increases the options of the phenomenon now termed as “Facebook stalking”. It also deprives the user of seeing other people’s wall posts.