Facebook’ s News Feed Changes

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What to expect when to log onto Facebook

Facebook enthusiasts are in for a surprise when they log onto the social networking site. The alterations which came into effect on Tuesday night will ensure that users do not miss out on any vital information and are updated with all necessary events and actions among their friends. Mr. Keith Schacht, Product Manager of Facebook News Feed said that even if you are unable to log on for a day or so users will not miss out on anything important. All major events that have taken place while you were unable to check up on friends would be there as soon as you log on irrespective of the time gap.

News Feed is programmed to retain all necessary and vital information and will act much in the same way as your personal newspaper. Reading information that you have missed will ensure that you have not lost keeping updated with friend’s activities even though you did not log on.

What to look out for on your Home Page

Users will notice a change in the format of Facebook page. For one there will be no more Top Stories and Most Recent which is something most users browse through immediately after logging on. Instead, now its place will be taken by a smarter feed which can adjust the content as per when you last logged on. In fact if you have not even been logging into Facebook for a few weeks the top stories and photos will be put in order of occurrences so that you do not miss a single event, status, photo or occasion in the lives of your Facebook friends.

However, if you are one of them that cannot help but log onto Facebook every few hours as is the case with most users, your News Feed will have most recent events in sequential order. It will also be possible through this new News Feed to tweak about the top stories through marking and unmarking updates as Top Stories.

What are the other changes in Facebook that you will notice

Facebook users will also see that uploaded friends photos will be displayed in a different way through News Feed. Enhanced clarity and larger pictures will ensure better effect. Instead of photos stuck to the side and not placed in prominent positions, with new News Feed set up photographs will not have same dull effects but can now be viewed and commented on in a more enhanced way.

This is not all that Facebook’s News Feed has on offer. One can expect some further updates and improvement in the future. Friend Filters would affect how much you hear from your friends in feed and a Subscribe Button would let you have control over updates that you get in your feed.

Facebook is also expected to make some other announcement regarding music, media sharing and profile redesign which are likely to come into effect.

All Facebook enthusiasts would be delighted by these face lift News Feeds and additional and enhanced applications.