Facebook Search by Phone Number- Easy Tutorial 2018

Facebook has become the most famous social platforms for everyone to interact and share their life on a daily basis. In fact if I say our lives our incomplete without at least an hour of Facebook each day, most of you would agree with me. Facebook is not only used for social interactions but as a platform for digital marketing by renowned brands and companies. In fact many brands were born and promoted on Facebook only and owe all their fame and success to this beautiful invention.

People from all over the world are part of the Facebook family because anybody can join and so you can find people from all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, race, caste, religions and what not and interact with them without being bound by borders and visas. Facebook search by phone number option was enabled for those who wanted to connect with friends and family without having to send requests to wrongfully to unknown people with similar names. This feature is only available for those profiles that have entered their phone numbers on their profiles.

I came around many comments on various forums where people had asked how to Facebook search by phone numbers. Today we guide you on a very very easy step by step tutorial how to search people by their phone numbers.

Please note that this tutorial is for guiding people and not for any reasons that lead to breach of privacy for any Facebook user. This tutorial is also aimed at those users whose privacy might be affected if they have provided their phone numbers and do not wish to share it with people on Facebook.

How to Facebook search by phone number?

  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • In the search bar enter the particular number you need to search
  • Press Enter, and the result will display the person who holds the number
  • If the number is not public, Facebook will not display any results
  • Make sure the number is public
  • Once you see the appropriate profile, you can send a friend request by pressing the “Add as Friend” button on the profile