Facebook to work with Law Enforcement Officials to remove Inmates Profiles

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Inmates use Computers to Access Internet and are active on Facebook

Prisoners or convicts in the state of California who use computers to access the internet or possess a Facebook account will find their ability to update their status invalidated. Henceforth, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said that many prisoners are using Facebook to communicate with the outside world to continue various nefarious activities while within the confines of prison walls. Facebook accounts set up by the inmates or their counterparts in the outside world are working towards organization of criminal activities while in lockup. This is equally dangerous and needs looking into. As a security measure, Facebook will now be removing or deleting these accounts.

Facebook enables prisoners to contact their local gangs and cause as much harm from within the prison walls as they did when they were free birds. Harassing hapless victims seems to be easy through this method. Monitoring of payphones and scrutiny of letters ensures that no activities of evil intent are entered into by inmates. This is the reason why prisoners Facebook status’ are being barred and cell phones are being impounded.

Inappropriate use of Smartphone’s and Facebookmakes Contact with Gangs Easy

Modern cell phones can be used for a variety of crimes while in prison. Smartphone’s with internet facility and ability to view Facebook accounts of innocent victims is causing harm. Andrew Noyes of Facebook has said that the most effective way of preventing such activities among inmates is to delete their Facebook accounts altogether and bar further accounts being created or updated by friends of inmates on the outside of prison walls. Action against misuse of Facebook or threat to innocent victims needs to be looked into. Revoking of such accounts and no further ability to create new accounts of Facebook would ensure that inmates do not give information to outsiders who stalk innocent victims or create problems for other Facebook users.

Facebook acknowledges problems and calls for reporting of Facebook Violations

Facebook has acknowledged that this is a serious problem that needs urgent rectification. Close monitoring is required of all Facebook accounts. This new law will protect innocent members of the community and at the same time ensure that such activities are not carried on by inmates who have access to PCs and phones within prison cells. Threats, sexual advances, stalking, blackmail, etc., can all be carried out through Facebook if not checked or curtailed. There is no way to keep a continuous check on each and every account and the only way out of this is to bar it altogether. The law allows inmates to have a Facebook account provided it was created prior to his or her conviction and is not updated at any time either by the inmate or their contacts in the outside world.

Citizens are encouraged by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to report any such incidences which may come to their notice. This is Facebook’s way of protecting the community to avoid danger befalling innocent users.