Free Applications for Downloading Movies on Android OS

When it comes to watching movies, everyone wants convenience in downloading them. Especially for people who do not like watching movies on their PC, they want such an application which downloads movies on their cell phones without any problem.

Usually, people download movies on their computers and then transfer it to their mobiles or tablets through USB cables. But the process creates a lot of hassle as you have to convert the movie according to your phone’s size and capacity.
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It has been difficult to find such websites or applications which guarantee high speed downloading and that too for free. But recently we have dug out some amazing sites for you to watch movies on your Android OS devices easily and without paying any charges. It is a completely hassle-free process. The only thing you have to do is install these applications on your Android devices and you are free to watch as many movies as you want.

Keep reading through the article to know about these amazing applications.

1. Movies by Flixster


Download Flixster

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2. YouPeliculas Classic

YouPeliculas-Classic for Downloading movies

Download YouPeliculas Classic

3. IMDb

IMDb Downloading Movies on Android OS

Download IMDb

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4. Movie Vault


Download Movie Vault