Free Download Hitfilm Express 2017

Hitfilm Express 2017 is indeed one of the best free video editing software in the online market. It is not just a video editor but something more than that. Not only does it offer basic and advanced video editing features but it can also help you in motion graphics, color grading and adding all sorts of HD and high-quality effects to your videos.
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The free version of Hitfilm Express 2017 includes multiple features like 100 plus effects, full video editing, green screen removal, motion tracking etc. However, you can also enjoy added effects and transitions at a price of $9.99 and up. But the best part is that the free version has so much to offer that you hardly need to a penny to enjoy the added features.

Hitfilm 3 express offers an excellent workflow and a friendly user-friendly interface like no other. It is so easy to use that anyone can use it without supervision and you will become a pro in no time. If you get stuck at any stage, there are so many tutorials on Youtube that will help you out. In case you are looking for this beautiful video editor you can download it free below.

HitFilm Express 2017 Free – Download Latest Version for Windows

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HitFilm Express 2017 Free for Mac – Download Latest Version for Mac