Get Googled with Google+

Google+ an integrated Googled product

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Leave it to Google to go that extra web way and deliver a rostrum that takes social networking to a whole new realm. The recent unveiling of Google+ has launched a platform to compete with the popularity being enjoyed by Facebook. Now functioning as one gigantic social networking base, Google makes available to the ambitious at heart, a cluster of social products and an upscale navigation bar!

And what’s the deal? Well, get access to one single integrated googled product. Google+ has some really impressive features including a brand new design a whole newline up of navigation friendly profiles. Aesthetically, with Google’s clutter-free design, the usability is overwhelming with easy to navigate and deploy icons and a Google+ world of exploration unleashed in seconds. At the core of Google+ is the Buzz-like news feed – Stream. The rostrum also has Circles, a drag-and-drop listing functionality. It is rife with cute animations and a product personality that is par excellence. Users can now create contact groups in next to no time. With the Google+ Profiles interface feature, you get to port data and use a really refreshingly different Tabs feature. You can now place your content from Google Buzz onto Google +1s and work towards a more personalized profile. The Hangouts feature is real awesome. Group video chat has never been so simple and easy.

It comes with an integrated camera switching medium to focus on the speaker and is simplistic in the fact that there are no confusing multiple video feeds operating simultaneously. Google+ streams can be accessed daily to check out potential new chats via this killer feature. And then there is Sparks, the Google+ recommendation engine. Designed to redefine the Google+ rostrum, it is capable of unfurling the winners and losers of the online publishing arena.

Google+ Photos and Google+ Huddle

Google+ Photos gives you a profile wherein you get to access a photo editor cum photos platform that is quick and very versatile. Well organized, Google+ creates simple ways to personalizing the web experience now. it also has a mobile version that is very simple as an application and offers unique features in the form of photo uploads before you batter an eyelid and of course the Google+ Huddle. Huddle is for diehard fans of group texting. Google+ is a completely fun packed social network.

Google+ a real value addition for the Google journey

It is as bold as it is upscale and dramatic. More of a project than a product, it has ample of scope for future upgrades. Not a final product, Google plans to keep it constantly evolving as a social networking entity, ever permeating with the Google goodies. A feather in the cap of the Google empire, + is a real value addition. The operation is unleashing power with a slow approach, pretty much the way Google unleashed its potential to the world. Users are sure to get back every day to take a peek at the next frill and compelling stoical interaction alternatives. Slow and steady, the rostrum shares the limelight now with Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is in no hurry…and neither are its users.