Getting Free Money For Google Play Store: What Should You Do?

If you are browsing through the Play Store, you sure are looking for apps that are free.

Not always are the free ones the best though – some paid ones offer extra features you wouldn’t get otherwise. If you are running on a budget, you would want to save the money.

What do you do?

Google has now introduced a way you can collect free money to get all the pricey apps you have always wanted from the Play Store.

The Top Way to Get Free Money!

This new app, called the Google Opinion Rewards, allows you to collect Google Play credits in the form of numerous increments, and all you have to do is answer some survey questions occasionally.

The dollars and cents you will be paid in the process will make it much easier for you to pay in the Google Play Store.

How to go about it?

The first and the most important step is to download the app from the Play Store. The Google Opinion Rewards app is available easily on the Google Play store. Created by Google Consumer Surveys, this app is beneficial for different companies and marketers who want to improve their business strategies regarding demographics.

Once you install the app, Google Opinion Rewards, you will have to start answering a series of questions related to demographics. Once you introduce yourself by answering questions about your location, age, and political affiliation, you will be given a survey to answer accordingly.

Your introduction is helpful in determining which of the questions would be most relatable to you. However, Google will not infringe on your privacy and ask for any personally identifiable information like contact information and home address. That would defeat the purpose of an anonymous survey.

However, you need to log in to your Google account before taking the survey since the Play Store credit will be deposited there.

Once you answer the initial questions and are registered, you will receive notifications pop up on your phone occasionally indicating that a suitable survey is ready.

The questions will be related to brands and their popularity. You will have a host of options to choose from so that you can be as truthful as possible.

‘You will get paid a sum that lies between 10 cents and a dollar. The credit will be automatically transferred to your Google Play account after which you can use it to download the apps, music, and games.

Most average users should have one or two surveys to answer in a week. However, in case Google does not have any surveys catering to your specific demographic, you might have to wait longer for notifications.

Go a different path!

Other than Google Opinion Rewards, there are a variety of apps available in the Play Store which will help you collect credit.


Apps like FreeMyApps, Free Gift Cards, AppNana, and JunoWallet will let you gather points and free credits. Easy to use, they are sure to make your Google Play Store experience is about to get a whole lot better.