Google+ Accounts to be Verified for Celebrities

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Google + Accounts will be verified to do away with fake accounts

Not to be left behind in the race for popularity, Google+ is treading the path to success already paved by Twitter.  Google + has realized that famous brands and well known personalities including movie stars and icons need a way of identifying themselves on Google+.  Google is all set to do just that. As reported by CNN, all identities of celebrities will be verified by Google on its social network site.

Google will definitely like associating with popular persons in the Hollywood circuit as reported by Brett Schulte.  The company is in the process of devising various methods to enable easy verification.  Though yet unverified and unofficial till today, Google+ has told brands and personalities to stall creation of Google+ profiles till further notice as they are working on an improved system just for them.

Twitter verifies such high end profiles but Facebook does not though they do get rid of fake profiles as per users demand. All this is simply to protect identity and all some privacy due to high end and high class customers and brands which require some degree of confidentiality.

Google+ fan following of over 10 million users determines its popularity

Google + has a fan following of over 10 million users which has ensured that Google + is emerging as one of the most popular and most sought after social network sites of today.  It is due to this popularity that Google+ has to continuously update and refine its operations and services to the public at a faster pace than competitors Facebook and Twitter.

Top businesses and brands have been told not to create Google+ profiles and put plans on a back burner till further notice.  Mr. Christian Oestlien, Product Manager of Google+ said that his team of experts would be working round the clock to offer businesses a unique opportunity to connect and be accessible to the general public.

Businesses and brands using Google + accounts would help them reach great heights.  Oestlien has stated that his policy team is working with profile owners to blackout certain redundant profiles. Ford, Breaking News and Mashable have already joined Google.   More businesses are expected to join once they get the green signal from officials at Google+.

Some will have to wait till end of 2011 to avail this Google + experience.  In the meantime, the company is experimenting on a small scale to test their viability and has even opened a Google Spreadsheet where non users can submit an application for the program.

Google+ doing all that’s necessary to be viable for brands and the who’s who

Google + still has a long way to go before this can be offered to brands, businesses and celebrities on a long term basis.  In the meantime one has to wait for reports on their preparedness to accept such high end users. Google should have been more organized in their launch of Google +.  The same thing was noticed with Google Buzz and also with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, as with many other social networking sites in the past.

Verification of accounts is definitely of prime importance in these days of uncertainties and will be required to make this social networking site more popular with well known personalities and celebrities.  Google+ should learn mistakes of Twitter and Facebook to come out victorious.