Google+ Male or Female

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A first look at whether Google+ is a male or female preference

The latest social network called Google+ is being reviewed to find out whether it is more male dominated or female dominated. However if at all statistics that are unofficial are to be believed, it is discovered that google+ is not really a male dominated social networking site as is commonly understood. A report on this has been released by the founder of, Mr. Paul Allen. It is this report that states that estimates are set to reach around ten million users and the ratio of male to female users is not as disparate or vast as estimated or indicated in some of the reports.

There is no clarity yet regarding dominance of G+ users

Reports declare stats not as diverse and/or severe as they have actually seemed to appear. As of July 14, 2011 it has been reported in the latest figures there is a large number of female Google+ users as compared to males. In fact 33% is considered (which is a good number as far as female Google+ users are concerned) is on record. However it is still felt that this new social network is largely dominated by males as per the reviews conducted. There are other statistics also received mentioning that a large audience of Google+ is generally males.

As far as statistics of Google+ estimates are concerned, they are found to vary from one source to another. The methodology has been well described by Stan Schroeder of Mashable, a few days back. From the census bureau, a list of surnames was first taken as part of the data, and compared with users of Google+ along with recorded surnames. The popularity of surnames was first compared with each of the names on Google+ and from this an approximate percentage was accordingly calculated.  It is on the basis of this that the ratio of female to male users of Google+ has been accordingly ascertained to find out the number of users all over the globe.

Difficult to determine gender using G+

Depending upon the statistics received it is difficult to apply the census data to find out which gender is popularly using the new social network. One thing is however certain that over a period of few weeks the gap is certainly closing. As far as the marketing of Google+ as well as the videos are concerned a lot of emphasis has been laid on the woman user as well, which just indicates that women have been largely targeted by Google+ too.

Ever since the service has been launched, a large number of women have been joining the social site, as per scientific estimates. This just indicates that there is a steady growth in female users of Google+. A proper balance has not been maintained between the male and female ratio among Google+ users according to online journalists. It is estimated that the balance in the ratio will be attained gradually over a period of time. But, male or female, one thing is for sure. Google+ is sure getting an edge with each new interface and toolbar addition made to the site.