Google Maps Provides Information On The Parking Situation At The Destination

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Google Maps is well-known for the fact that it is now quite good to estimate the traffic situation on the route to be navigated. As a user of this app, it is well informed if there is little or stagnant traffic prevails. Traffic jams are also visible in the app at a glance. Now Google Maps will go a step further.
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Because according to Android Police, the latest beta version of the app is also able to display the parking situation at the destination. This is indicated with light, medium and limited. The driver knows quite well how difficult it will be to find a parking space at the destination.

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Waze GPS, Navigation, Maps & Traffic

However, such a function is not new and pioneering. Because the Navi App Waze can do this since September last year. And then much more precise. Because Google Maps delivers only a rough estimate of the situation at the destination, Waze even proposes concrete parking gaps.

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In addition, it is probably the case that the parking function of Google Maps has so far only been activated in some large cities and then only at shopping centers, airports, etc.