Google+ or Facebook especially since you no longer need a Google+ invite

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Google+ for all now with Google+ invites a matter of the past

Though initially when Google+ was launched it was permitted and accessible only on invites, it is now open for everyone and does not need specific invitations. Facebook too is not far behind in its developments to counterattack and retain its popularity over Google+. Facebook is trying to introduce some exciting new features such as News Feed and a brand new friend’s list to keep the competition stiff.

Google+ as a social networking site platform is all set to take on the likes of Facebook and other social media platforms. Google+ is a direct competition of the more popular social networking site Facebook which saw immediate success and has a large and ardent fan following. It finally seems search engine Google has something more exciting which is bound to have some attraction for the youth who revel in this pastime. Google did previously come up with Google Wave and Google Buzz which did not see much success and crashed as quickly as it came into existence.

Google+ now promises users to be more attractive as compared with Facebook and is hoping that there will be an exodus of users from Facebook to Google+. Let us see if that really happens. Facebook users in the meantime are quite hassled by rampant changes that look too similar to Google+.

Google+ works based on multiple popular Google services

Google+ was developed under a code name Emerald Sea. It is Google’s attempt to draw attention away from Facebook and towards a novel way of social interaction. Today most interaction happens online and gone are the days of letter writing and sending birthday wishes by post. Gmail, Picasa and Google Maps are integrated in Google+ so users are not troubled with signing into various services to connect with friends and interact with them.

‘Circles’ in Google+ a big plus as compared to Facebook’s wall

Formation of a ‘Circle” in Google+ is a way of having a few friends within your group and chatting and sharing information and photos that cannot be viewed or shared by anyone else. All conversations can be kept within the circle and you can form various circles such as colleagues, friends, relatives, etc, so that they are all together yet apart and privacy is ensured. Facebook is oly just letting user’s group people.

Google + ‘Spark’ features and Facebook feed

Sparks is a feature in Google+ that permits you to choose some areas of particular interest. There are some things that are of particular interest to you and your group of friends which may not be of any interest to others. Google+ Sparks allows you to deliver any information of any particular interest be it music, restaurants and movies and just about any topic that sort of lights a ‘spark’ in you. You can share this information with likeminded friends. This is now being challenged with an even more active Facbook news feed.

What are the aims of ‘Hangout’?

Hangout plans on bringing this select group of friends together for meetings with multi person videos. People and groups of friends from different corners of the globe can “meet” through Hangout and catch up with friends even though separated by miles and time differences. In competition, Fcaebook now allows users to video chat through the chat window.

Android Phones and Google+

Google+ is cashing in on a large number of smartphones and Android devices entering the market. Google+ allows you to add your location to every post that can be shared in your ‘Circle’. Instant upload of photos through your smartphones directly to Google+ takes care of some forgetful souls who snap away and forget to upload much to the annoyance of their ‘Circle’. This is something Facebook hasn’t yet been able to master.