Google+ Update Makes Managing Circles Easier

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Google+ circles just what was needed

Brett Van Zuiden, engineer for Google+ has now come to the rescue of users providing the convenience of getting Circles reordered. All those who are already users of Power Google+, find managing these Circles quite a frustrating experience. Now, due to the availability of a long list at the bottom, it is possible to hide the Circles that are most used. When people are added, the stream or ‘share’ is viewed and it is this Circle list that works best for you. Google+ is a network that is thriving top brass and having the circles launched on Google+ is the cherry on the cake.

Google+ circles a first step that involves drag and drop

All that is needed to be done is to get the Circles dragged and dropped to get them reordered in the Circles tab. Depending on the order that has been determined; it is on the social network itself that the Circles start appearing. Besides this the feature can also be dragged up into a particular space where all the people of that circle can get a chance to view your gang. The term ‘Circle in Tab’ can be used by all those needing to access this space.

This is an addition that may seem minor but this particular update can help ease off the pain from all users of Google+. All the different kinds of connections that you may have socially in real life can be well organized virtually with Google+. It does not matter whether the group comprises alumni, family members, music buddies or colleagues as all these groups can be organized well with Google+. With people who have the same links, relevant content can accordingly be shared and depending upon the content posted by people, it can be followed, especially if it is interesting.

For example, there is an engagement announcement to be made and only a particular group or circle has to be intimated, then from the circle a post can be sent which has been created to reach out to a segment only. For the circles, information on the personal profile can be customized as well. On the circle containing a group of your friends, details like information on your relationships, contact as well as location details can be made visible. The circle related to alumni associations can have access to information about current employment and qualifications. Circles has been implemented and created rather well, especially in comparison to creating a friend list on Facebook or on Twitter.

Google Cirles+ adds personality to social networking

‘Circles’ in Google+ provides it with the personality it deserves. When actions are performed, the animations that appear are quite cute and besides this, the functionality of drag and drop is an addition that is welcomed by all. A variety of features like Sparks which is a great addition for all those interested in plugging into news of their choice and video chats with a group of people are amazing. Google+ isn’t completed as yet. As users keep using it more, more tweaking will accordingly unfold! In comparison to the rest of the Google programs more attention has been given to the animations that are truly cute and delightful, like the overall + appearance.