Great Subway Surfer Cheats for Android and iOS

Subway surfer is an amazing endless runner game, which has gained its popularity among every age group. Jake is the default character of the game, there are many other characters too, which have to be unlocked by collecting certain items from mystery box or you can simply purchase these items from store. You can also unlock some characters by purchasing them through coins that you collect during the game. Different hover boards are also available, which you can also purchase. You can also skip challenges through coinsbut the main problem is how to collect so many coins. There are two simple ways, number one is that you just have to play the game andsecond isthat you have to use Subway Surfer cheat appthrough which you will be able to get unlimited coins. Following are steps to download cheats on Android and iOS respectively.
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Subway Surfer Android Cheats

Subway Surfer Android cheats

First you will have to download some necessary applications to get the Subway Surfer Android cheats. You don’t have to worry because these applications are absolutely free on Play Store. You have to download;

  • Subway Surfer Cheat Files
  • A small file explorer for Android

Steps to Use Downloaded Files and Get Cheats for Subway Surfer for Android

  • Extract the Subway Surfer cheats
  • You will get a folder, which will contain 3 files
  • Now, go to Setting>>Apps>>Manage Apps>>Subway Surfer and then tap clear data
  • Now copy extracted files from memory card
  • Now install file explorer
  • Go to sdcard/Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/
  • You will get three files that you have to replace from the ones you have downloaded
  • Now you have to restart your game
  • Launch the game and you will find unlimited coins

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Subway Surfer iOS Cheats

If you want cheats for iOS, you will need some necessary files. You have to download

  • Subway Surfer cheat files
  • DiskAid tool on your computer, this tool is used for transferring files and exploring iOS

Steps to Use Downloaded Files andGet Cheats for Subway Surfer for iOS

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  • Install DiskAid Tool on your computer
  • Through USB cord connect your iOS with computer
  • Now open DiskAid Utility
  • You will see Subway Surfer game under Apps
  • After opening Subway Surfer on DiskAid, you will findthe cheat files that you have downloaded earlier
  • Copy these files and replace them with existing files that you will find in DiskAid Utility tool
  • Unplug your device and restart

Now you can enjoy your game with unlimited coins through subway surfer cheats.And purchase characters and hover boards of your choice.