Helping Your SEO Along: How to Optimize Your Content

First, it’s critical to know what keywords people are using to search for websites like yours. Use a free keyword research tool such as or Google’s keyword research tool to generate lists of words and phrases people are using to search for your subject.

Once you’ve chosen keywords, use them naturally in your website content. If you’re using a key phrase such as “diamond engagement rings,” break up the phrase so it flows naturally. Use your keyword once in the first paragraph, once in the last and a few times in the middle paragraphs. Concentrate on one keyword on each page; if you use secondary keywords, use them only where it’s natural. For optimal SEO, each page should contain approximately 200 words at minimum.

Good SEO is only part of a successful business website. Don’t sacrifice readability in your website content—each word has impact and works to sell. If you can balance good SEO with good sales writing, your website is sure to be a success.