How a jQuery enabled site is better optimized for Search Engines?

Whenever we visit a website with animations on it, we simply assume that it is flash. But with the improved JavaScript, it is possible to make animations of a site using jQuery. One main advantage that this has over Flash is the fact that these animated data can still be read using search engines.

The Basic Concept of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique in which all the textual data of a website is read by crawlers of the search engine. If the traffic of the particular website gets high and if it gets crawled more, its rank in the search engine will raise higher. This is very important for any website to grow in size as well as popularity.

Why is Flash not supportive of SEO?

The method of presenting animation and images on the Internet is commonly termed as Flash. As mentioned earlier, the crawlers of the search engines can only trace and read textual data. So, if a site has only Flash on it, then it becomes impossible for that site to get featured on search engines. Yes, there are many flash websites with high page ranks. But that requires twice the amount of work. First you have to do all the work in Flash then you have to do it once again in HTML to satisfy the search engines. You can avoid all these fuzz if you prefer to use jQuery over Flash.

Making jQuery suitable for SEO

JQuery is basically a sub product of JavaScript and it follows almost all the codes that are applicable in the latter. You can use that instead of Flash in your website in limited cases when you don’t really mind about the SEO. Although it follows the basic concepts of JavaScript, it is not the same as it. You still need to make some changes to it in order to make it SEO friendly. For that, the jQuery should begin to function like an AJAX. So, making jQuery as the only gateway to your data should be avoided. You should also provide all the hard links, anchors and references on which the search crawlers can feed on. Now, you have an animated website which is accessible by the search engines with very little work.

Other Advantages of jQuery

The main advantage of jQuery is its ease of editing. JQuery keeps every single data in an organized manner and it keeps separate databases for your navigation menus. So, you can easily navigate to the data which you need to modify and edit it in a short span. If you animate using jQuery, the files will be loaded in a jiff but in case of Flash, the resultant file will be a .swf file which takes almost 3-4 minutes to buffer in a slow network.

Thus, we can know that jQuery is a better alternative to flash as it can provide Search Engine Optimization. This is one technology that was awaited for a long time and you should cease the opportunity to use it.