How much is Your Blog Really Worth

  • a) Your Technorati Rank
  • b) Your Google Page Rank
  • c) The Number of Links to Your Blog
  • d) The Number of sites linking to Your Blog
  • e) The Average Number of Visitors Visiting Your Blog Everyday

To get your Technorati Rank visit the following URL: Remember to replace with the URL of your Blogs URL. See the following Screenshot and note down the referencing variables namely (a) , (c), (d).


To Get your Google Page Rank Please Visit and note it down as (b) and for the daily visitors you check out your stats package and note it down as (e)

To find your Blogs Worth let me tell you a few steps that you’ll need to execute before finding the actual worth of your blog..

  • 1) Technorati Weight

Just take a look at your technorati rank (a) and see in which category it fits itself in. If your Technorati rank is more than 100k then your technorati weight is 0.

Rank = Technorati Weight
1-100 = 100,000
101-500 = 75,000
501-2000 = 60,000
2001-5000 = 40,000
5001-10000 = 30,000
10001-25000 = 25,000
25000-50,000 = 20,000
50001-100,000 = 10,000

Let your technorati weight be (tw).

  • 2) Link Weight

Finding your link weight is really simple. Just multiply your inbound links (c) with 3. What you get here is your link weight and let it be (lw)

  • 3) Link Ratio

Finding your link ratio is simple too.. Just divide the number of inbound links with number of blogs linking to you. What you get here link ratio or (lr) which is nothing but (d)/(c).

  • 4) Google Weight

Your Google Weight (gw) is your Google Page rank (b) multiplied by 1000.

  • 5) Traffic Weight

Your traffic weight (tw) is the number of visitors (e) multiplied by 10.

Now that you have all the stuff let us get down to business. Your Blog’s worth is given by the following formula

worth = (tw)+(lw)+(lr)*10000+(gw)+(tw). Just see the end result and I bet it will look realistic unlike the previous version to find the worth of your blog.

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