How to Advertise On Twitter

Ever since Twitter appeared in the world of social media, people started thinking about turning it into an effective advertising platform. At this point, there are a few options that can be used for advertising on Twitter and if you want to get a piece of the action, there is nothing holding you back. The initial results seem to be better than expected and the possibilities are endless. However, you will have to set up a budget because Twitter advertising can be expensive.

Basic Twitter Advertising

The easiest way to get your link on Twitter is to contact a few popular users and ask for a paid tweet. This involves a lot of research if you are looking for valuable results, so you should find someone who is followed by enough people from your target audience. As long as the tweet isn’t to aggressive and you are appealing to the right followers, this process should go smoothly, but keep in mind that the tweet will soon be lost amongst hundreds of other tweets. If your website is attractive enough, quite a few people from the ones who will click on the tweet link will return another day.

Using Promoted Accounts

Creating a new account is the more difficult road to take, but it will pay off in the long run. This is a somewhat new feature that allows your account to receive special treatment. You can send out tweets as usual and new Twitter users will see your account’s name in the “Who To Follow” section of their page. If you have something interesting to say, this is a sure way to attract some followers. If not, this feature won’t be help your business at all. A good strategy is to get access to the “promoted trend” option, which will put your ads on top of the search results in the promoted trend categories.

Twitter Advertising Results

One of the most recent Twitter advertising cases is 50 Cent rapper’s successful attempt to influence the stock market. He tweeted about a certain company, asking his followers to invest in penny stocks. Over the weekend, the value of the stocks quadrupled and 50 Cent could have earned up to $12,000,000 (yes, twelve million dollars) if he would have decided to sell his stocks. However, since he was on thin legal grounds, he never turned his stocks into cash and soon deleted his tweets. Even so, this is a clear testament to how Twitter advertising works. If you have the right number of followers and know what to tweet, you can make a fortune. It might take some trial and error, but this type of advertising certainly has potential.

In the end, social media advertising isn’t complete without including a tweet here and there. Even without investing into promoting your business through other people’s accounts, you have to considering creating your own Twitter accounts and start building a base of followers. This will certainly prove to be effective over time.