How to hack someone’s Facebook password 2018

Facebook is the most renowned social media app these days. In fact it is called the app of the century whereby it connects millions and millions of users scattered on this globe through a simple and interactive application. The beauty of this app is that you can use it anywhere and on any device; you only require a basic internet connection and an account.

I often come around questions on Facebook where people want to know how to hack someone’s Facebook password. I will not be a judge of their intentions because people have different motives behind their actions and my job here as a geek is to help you out. In fact it is good for you to know how your password can be hacked so you can take measures and keep a watchful eye as to prevent information leakage and keeping your Facebook account protected and secured completely.

There are many websites online that claim they have the key to hacking Facebook passwords but trust me they are just click baits and have nothing to offer you but to only generate maximum visits and views on their blogs and tutorials which are not effective. On the other hand, I have compiled here for you in this blog not one but 5 ways how to hack someone’s Facebook account. So if you get stuck on one way or cannot understand it you can easily jump to the next alternative.

Also note here that some of these options are not just limited to Facebook password hacking but are also applicable to other social media apps like Google, Twitter etc.

1 Phishing

Immediately, the username and password of Peter have been sent to John and Peter is redirected to a money making tips page That’s all; Peter’s Facebook account is hacked.

2 Social Engineering

A password that is easily guessable by a third person is known as a weak password.  

Below are some of the most common passwords people tend to use on Facebook.

  • Mobile Number
  • Nickname / Name and Date of Birth Conjunction
  • Boy Friend’s Mobile Number / Girl Friend’s Mobile Number – Most of the lovers ?
  • Girl Friend’s / Boy Friend’s Name – Most of the lovers ?
  • Boy or Girl Friend Name Combination
  • Bike Number
  • Unused / Old Mobile Number
  • Pet Name
  • Closest Person Name (can be friends too)

3 Plain Password Grabbing

Many of us use the same password for FB and also for some poor So, it is easy for a Facebook hacker to get your password through the low-quality

4 Browser Extension Facebook Hacker

How Browser extension Facebook hack works?

When you visit some malicious websites or web pages, you will be prompted to install a browser add-on. Once you install the add-on, it will perform all the tasks described by Facebook hacker or attacker who created it. Some primary actions are posting status updates on your wall, liking an FB page, following a person, adding you to some Facebook groups, inviting your friends to like a page, or join a Facebook group etc. You may not know these things happening on your FB account until you check your Facebook activity log periodically.

Read along and do let us know what option worked out best for you!