How to hack Whatsapp Account Easily 2018

So Whatsapp is one the most trending social application these days. If you are not using Whatsapp, you are simply missing out on one the best forums to talk and interact with friends and family as well as colleagues, whether individually or on group. But some of us curious and would really want to hack Whatsapp chats so today I thought to address this frequently asked question whether “How to hack Whatsapp account?”. There are many articles online that claim they can guide you on the best ways to hack Whatsapp account but we found out multiple and unique ways to help you in this regard.

So let’s get down to business. Hacking Whatsapp account has become increasingly difficult specially since they introduced end to end encryption on Whatsapp chats, means your chat is coded and cannot be easily read by a third party or hacker. However we have some very interesting and unique ways lined up for you in this article that guide you on how to hack Whatsapp account easily. Read along and get enlightened!

Hacking Whatsapp With Whatsapp Web:

Step 1 First of all open Chrome Browser on your mobile and visit

Step 2 – Then click on Settings In chrome browser and Click on “Request Desktop Site”.Make sure it is tick marked

Step 3 – Now Visit again and it will show you bar code to scan

Step 4 – Just leave this tab open on your device and get your hands on victims Phone

Step 5 – Open Whatsapp on your victim mobile phone and click on settings then click on “Whatsapp Web”

Step 6 – It will show you a message to scan the barcode from your computer.

Step 7 – Now open the barcode page on your device which we did in step 3 and then scan the code from your victims mobile.

Step 8 – You are now successfully logged in to your victims Whatsapp from your device.Now you can read his messages without any trouble.

Hacking Whatsapp With Database Stealing:

Before we hack and read victims WhatsApp account we need to get our hands on two files
1.Whatsapp Key
2.Whatsapp Database

Step 1 – Open EsExplorer on the victim’s phone(install it if you don’t have)

Step 2 – Go to menu and turn on “Root Explorer” and “Hidden Files”

Step 3 – Now go to “/Device”

Step 4 – Then Goto /data/

Step 5 – Then again go to /data/

Step 6 – com.whatsapp/

Step 7 –  /files/

Here you will find the Key file.Copy it and save it somewhere else

To get Database:

Step 1 – Open EsExplorer or any other file manager
Step 2 – Go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases (If your WhatsApp is not it Sdcard .You will see it in Internal Storage or main storage )
Step 3 – Copy the database files

After Getting the Database and key file.Decrypt the database from


Just Install the Whatscrypt apk and click on “Decrypt Whatsapp Database”
Now Save the decrypted database file somewhere else.We will need this decrypted file to read the messages

For Non-Rooted Android Phone:-

To get the Key file:


  • WhatsApp Key/DB Extractor
  • A PC
  • Java Installed on PC
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Drivers

If not installed Check tutorial here:

  • USB Debugging must be enabled on the target device.To do it Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> (Debugging) USB debugging

If you cannot find Developer Options then please go to Settings -> About phone/device and tap the Build number multiple times until you’re finally declared a developer.