How to Make Images Stand Out on Pinterest

Pinnable Business recently released an infographic report that provides helpful tips on optimizing each pin including best methods for sizing, commenting, sharing, liking and re-pinning. Consider these suggestions and let’s find out if they really make positive changes on your boards in Pinterest.

1. Make sure that you upload your personal images at least a number of them all the time. This means you have to stick on certain regularity.  Re-spinning may be a smart idea but has the less potential of getting viral.

2. Be sure that your image has a file name containing your targeted key phrase.

3. Never focus on a single specific rate. Pin a selection of different sources in contrast.

4. Once the image is uploaded, don’t forget to edit that pin and insert a link.

5. Utilize the maximum number of characters on Pinterest (500). Apply this to describe your brand in a commentary or explanation that’s keyword-rich.

6. Study the events that happen in Pinterest. Find out what pleases the eye and motivates you to get involved with an image.

7. Remember this: Pinterest is a social media. It is not an advertising program. Like, comment, and re-pin the posted images from fellow users. The more followers you gained the more power you’ll have!

8. Make various and diverse pinboards and ensure that each board title are keyword-rich. A board name that come “My favorite places” is less effective as “Caribbean beaches”.

9. Affix the “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons to your site. The secret to social media empowerment is allowing people to share and spread your content.

10. Express yourself—don’t hesitate to experiment or try innovative ways. Show to the social community the creative side of you and then highlight your persona and brand.

Bonus Tips:

Videos – when pinning videos on Pinterest, only YouTube vids are presently embedded and viewable on the site.

Image Size– a normal e-commerce photo that is 300 pixels wide is very small to be posted. Increase that pixel level.

No limits- Pinterest doesn’t restrict the vertical size of pictures. The horizontal width of images has a maximum 554 pixels and any other image that exceeds will be re-sized.

Standard Rule: The length of your picture should only up to 5,000 pixels. If a visitor browse down to view the picture, they are improbable to scroll back up to like to repin it.

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