How to use social media gracefully at your wedding?

Social media has become an important element of our lives, but while presenting something via it, custom failures may occur in case of little precedents. Wedding day is an ideal example of it. You desire to share this exceptional day with your group circle, particularly to those who can’t be present there, but the question is where you will draw the line?

Check out some tips about how to use social media gracefully at your wedding:

Pre-Wedding Preparations

Wedding Pre-Party lets wedding guests to observe who’s invited in the wedding, interact as well as post comments on wall, or upload photos of pre-wedding and post-wedding parties, and many more. If you’d need to skip specialized sites way, you might also make a pre-party through Facebook using “Groups” functionality. It may be a smarter way to evade cluttering news feeds to people not invited in the wedding, before and after event.

Stay Offline for the period of the Ceremony

You should tastefully use social media for your wedding. It means that you should incorporate it before as well as after actual wedding. There’s ample time during wedding day to attach with online world. But doing so, during ceremony is certainly not the correct time for main players or even guests. So, it’s advisable to be polite. Don’t tweet while you should participate and listen, especially during liturgy or ceremony.

Assign a Chief Tweeter

If you wish to record your wedding for posterity inside 140-character posts, subsequently let people recognize and even support them to involve through creating a hash tag. You can acquire this even further through appointing “Chief Tweeter” to document the whole day. You can even integrate social media to more conventional parts in the day. Besides reading messages and cards from family as well as friends who couldn’t reach it, why not comprehend messages from Twitter and Facebook too?

Setting up Social Media Station

There’s one other way of keeping a conventional feel and look to wedding celebration and making space for social media. “Social media station”, it’s a place where people who want to comment or connect online can do it without forcing issue on uninterested. It may also effect on photos and text-based communications. A photo live stream of the event may be an entertaining way to connect people and encourage sharing.

Live Stream for people who can’t compose it

Thanks to modern technology these days, you can share your individual moments with people for whom attending it personally isn’t possible. Ustream is amongst such sites which can assist you in sharing your ceremony with people and well-wishing from a far. Live weddings provide the users a chance to practice Ustream in entirely new way. It’s very thrilling to observe the broadcasters recommend unfiltered contact to best moments of the lives.

Don’t overlook to take pleasure from the moment

Changing your Facebook status as of engaged to married, after the declaration, is a rising trend, however don’t miss the moments for which the people are in fact there with you. Put down your phone and enjoy company of people who came to have fun with you.