Improving User Interface with jQuery

A website can only be useful if it combines great functionality with a decent user interface. No matter how quick to load your website is, if people can’t find what they’re looking for, you have to make a few changes. In the same vein, if your website looks impressive, but lacks functionality, most visitors will find what they need elsewhere. Luckily, jQuery can be used to create a powerful website in all aspects if you give it a chance.


If you are worried about the functionality part of your website – stop it. Elements created with the jQuery library will be displayed correctly by all browsers and your website will perform great even on newly installed operating systems. The loading times differ depending on what you are trying to create, but most jQuery websites load quicker than their Flash counterparts do.

jQuery User Interface

When it comes to creating a unique and easy to understand user interface, there are few things that can’t be done through jQuery. In essence, you can create anything from image galleries to the fly to basket effect for eCommerce websites. The best part about it is that you can do it without too many lines of code. Sure, you will have to get familiar with jQuery before you get started, but if you already know a thing or two about Java, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are a complete beginner, you might want to pick up something easier to learn before you jump into jQuery – it all depends on your expertise level and your desire to learn.

What Can You Create in jQuery?

jQuery is still growing, so you can find new tutorials about it every day. In terms of user interface, you can start with any type of content manipulation or you can simply create a dynamic panel. Animations are also easy to create in jQuery, but you will have to go through some tutorials if you want to obtain great results. In fact, there are many websites out there that will show you step by step what you need to do if you want to improve your user interface through jQuery.

What About Plug-ins?

If you don’t want to develop the new elements yourself, you can find a jQuery plug-in website and install the kit directly to your website. This way, you won’t waste time and you will obtain exactly what you’re looking for without hiring a developer. There are plenty of plug-ins out there, so finding what you need should be easy.


The user interface of your website can be drastically improved by adding a few jQuery elements to it. You can learn more about this library and design the elements yourself or you can simply go online and find what you’re looking for in the form of a plug-in. Either way, using jQuery will make your website look and load faster, so you should give it a go if you really want to make your visitors happy.