Increasing the Low Battery Percentage on Windows OS Laptop

Are you a windows user and own a laptop or notebook? Yes? Then you must have often encountered the low battery sign and notification that pops up when battery levels are critically low after a rough and tiring day at work or school.
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So there are a set of 2 notifications that appear simultaneously. The first one usually appears when the battery is at 10% and a yellow exclamation mark also appears giving the battery warning on the taskbar. Sounds familiar? The second warning appears at 5%. This is the serious one and means you should immediately plug in a charger or save your work progress so that it’s not lost if the computer shuts down. At this point, you will see a red cross on the battery sign on the taskbar.

But did you know you could change the low battery percentage on your windows laptop easily? It will make life so much easier for you. Increasing the low battery percentage will give you a safe time window to properly save your work and shut down all applications. Here’s how you can do it:

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How to change low battery warning percentage?


The same steps can be done on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

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  1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Power Options
  2. Click Change Plan Settings
  3. Change Advanced Power Settings
  4. Click Battery menu
  5. Under Low Battery Level, change the low battery warning which is for showing the first warning notification (I set it for 20%)
  6. Under Critical Battery Level, change the value. This is for showing the second warning notification. (I set it for 15%, enough time for me to save the work that I am doing and close all applications before shutting it down properly or get a recharge to continue working.