India’s First e-newspaper

The Hindu

The Hindu a highly reputed newspaper here in India has launched its digital edition. Three digital editions of the newspaper – Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi – will be available at this first stage. The Hindu’s digital editions will be available for viewing at 6 a.m., Indian Standard Time (IST) every day from September 10, 2006. Access will be free for now but users will be required to register online.

The e-paper has been developed for The Hindu by Nine Stars Information Technology and IBM using state-of-the-art technology and offering high resolution and versatile features.

Whole pages, articles, photographs and other images can be viewed in .pdf and .jpg format, and articles can also be read, as text. You can make use of the Internet’s powerful feature – search. The e-paper offers you search in several forms: You can look for something specific using the search engine. You can also track stories in your areas of interest by setting your preferences for “My News,” a news tracking feature. You can clip articles and photos for future reference and can email them to a friend.

A week’s back issues of the digital editions of The Hindu will be available in the archive. The newspaper can be read at