Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate Adds jQuery Controls

Ultimate 2011 NetAdvantage Volume 1 with jQuery

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If you have taken a look at the latest Ultimate 2011 NetAdvantage Volume 1, it is so easy to spot the versatility that the jQuery toolset has brought to the platform. The control toolset is part of a package deal that includes theme and extended support for WinForms and ASP.NET. jQuery also enhances the Microsoft Word operability..NET development component maker Infragistics has launched NetAdvantage. The latest version, Ultimate 2011 Volume 1, is a comprehensive controls tool suite that adds value and quality to the entire .NET platform. NetAdvantage uses the jQuery JavaScript library for the cross platform collection and client or user controls that are based on the open source. The deal comprises:

•    data source
•    date picker
•    grid
•    file upload
•    rating
•    video player controls
•    editor controls

Infragistics copes with HTML 5 and ASP.NET MVC advancement

NetAdvantage Ultimate is a new control suite that sites can purchase separately or bundled. When deployed, it empowers Infragistics to be able to cope with the ever rapid growth of HTML 5 and ASP.NET MVC. Even Microsoft had no idea three years ago that MVC would skyrocket the way it did. Now MVC is exposed to more tooling which brings in the element of versatility and multi functional Visual Studio as a RAD tool.

Complimented by jQuery, the rostrum flaunts new capabilities. Microsoft has renewed its interest in the HTML 5 specification, offering strategic support. This declaration while launching the Windows 8 system (client operating) has strengthened jQuery’s role in development. The insider news is that Microsoft will work on a native development environment (HTML 5 and JavaScript) for apps of Windows 8 apps.

The objective of the endeavor is to reach out a larger community of website and systems developers. The combo and resulting technologies will thus help more people across the spectrum to build on specific web based apps and in turn generate new operating systems. The added theme support (IG) to enhance the visual appeal of the controls in the application. Also included is DOM Virtualization support.

With this the jQuery control suite empowers the data grid with efficiency to load and scroll huge amount of data. jQuery also enhances the performance of CSS 3 by not only eliminating img tags but also reducing HTTP speed by using CSS 3 sprites. Infragistics supports many formats including Microsoft Office and very quickly and efficiently allows interaction with documents, PDF/XPS files and Excel spreadsheets.

jQuery and.NET dedicated web applications

All this and more is possible only due to the jQuery and.NET dedicated web applications. The Ultimate package deal also witnessed the updating of other control suites by Infragistics. Ribbon customization enjoyed by the NetAdvantage WinForms rostrum is now allowing end users to easily and conveniently adapt the user interface.

In addition the combo of NetAdvantage and ASP.NET has resulted in the control of the HTML 5 video player and management of single or multiple files with the upswing uploading control – WebUpload. At $1895 (combo) and $995 (individual packages), NetAdvantage Ultimate 2011 (version 1) can be sourced from any of the dedicated resources online.