How to Install Windows 7 for Free 2018

If you were worried about installing Windows 7 from USB, it is no longer a rumor. It is, in fact, very easy and great. While it takes hours to install Windows 7 on your PC by using a normal CD, installing Windows 7 bootable USB method takes no more than 20 minutes. Continue reading to know how to install Windows 7 using a bootable USB in just a few easy steps.

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Installing Windows 7 with USB is relatively easier like mentioned above. However, before accomplishing the process, you need a few things to be done. Firstly, you may need to create a bootable USB that will be used to install in your computer and laptop the Windows 7, bootable USB is a storage device like Flash drives. So typically, you don’t just copy and paste the windows 7 setup or ISO file into the flash drive.

5 Steps To Create A Windows 7 Bootable USB Easily

You may need 3 things to create Windows 7 Bootable USB.

  • USB flash drive of minimum 4 GB in size
  • Windows 7 ISO image file
  • Windows/USB/DVD tool

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Step 1

Install Windows/USB/DVD tool on your PC and double click afterward on the icon. Then select the Windows and ISO image file from your PC’s hard disk, which is the Windows 7 that you will insert in the bootable USB.

Step 2

The software will ask if you want to create a DVD or USB drive. Select the USB drive option and then wait.

Step 3

Select the right options carefully that show up after selecting the USB option in the software. Typically, don’t try to leave any data or file in the USB flash drive. You can consider moving or formatting the USB.

Step 4

Software will check the USB that you want to make bootable for Windows 7 installation, it will scan through the USB, notify you if there is not enough space and delete the files to begin copying the Windows 7 file in the flash drive. It is not usually a very time consuming task.

Step 5

Software will notify you right away the process in completed. Now you have successfully created a bootable USB that you will use to install Windows 7 without taking lots of time. Eject the bootable USB after the process.

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Install Windows 7 Via Portable USB

Insert the USB in your PC to install Windows 7 operating system. You must know how to access computer BIOS normally as different computers and laptops have different BIOS. Try F1, F2, F12, ESC, and Backspace one by one to know which one works for you after restarting or during restarting the computer.

When you get to know the right key for your PC, change the settings to boot from the USB by hitting the F6 key to move the selected USB device on top. Doing that will allow you to save it and then restart it again or typically, it restarts automatically.


Use Windows 7 Bootable USB to save time by faster installation than CD. You can easily carry USB with you without worrying about it breaking like CDs.