iPhone users in particular have regrets regarding online updates

Social networking reason enough to have regrets later

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Social networking may be redefining the way people communicate and the speed with which they connect, but not without its set of pros and cons. Today, sharing something online is a sensitive issue, more so because it can be accessed by others too. This brings in ample of room for regret and ruin, across the bar. The online community needs to understand the importance of planning and discretion prior to going public on anything personal or otherwise. Online sharing and social networking are under the hammer now.

A recent study from Retrevo reveals that 35% of US citizens agree to regret and disappointment about something posted online already. The trigger factor is identified as misdoings that went public by Rep. Anthony Weiner. This has shaken the online rostrum for ongoing survey and the segment dealing exclusively with purchase of consumer electronics. A lot of insider views are being made public through Retrevo.com, a review and online shopping site.

Android and Blackberry smartphone users may have said too much

The survey was administered to people across the income spectrum and age groups in June 2011 in the U.S. assimilated info clearly indicated that the youth mourned posts placed online in the past. The report had around 25 of the 54% of those who took the survey (respondents) indicating that they basically regretted something shared at some point of time, online. The remaining 32% were aged above 25. These statistics display consequences that are not exactly dire. Among the lineup of regrets, 15% regretted not being able to remove the posts while 11% had no issues with online posts.

In the same breath 3% declared ruined relationships and/or marriage, while 6% blamed posts uploaded for problems at work and home. The study brought to light that Smartphone users are more likely to wrongly post. To this accord, iPhone users ranked as the biggest offenders, with 51% of them regretting some post or the other. Users of Android and Blackberry went neck to neck in the survey with stats at 43% and 45%, with regards to regrettable posts online.

The Social Media Sobreity Test to check a poster’s remorse syndrome

With the weekend approaching, it is good to consider taking The Social Media Sobriety Test to analyze poster’s remorse syndrome. The net is like the real world, once something is said or goes out in black or white, it is impossible to undo the same and only remorse can then take the place of the excitement with which you post a comment. The rostrum is without a doubt the most versatile yet, and is only getting better as each day dawns.

However, it is important to remember that real human beings are part and parcel of the virtual world, directly or indirectly. Besides, it is also pivotal to remember that infiltrating and hacking into accounts and information that is online is commonplace occurrence. Everything is out there and exposed to both, the scrupulous and unscrupulous and the maneuverability and manipulation of the system is widely experimental.  A survey like The Social Media Sobriety Test online helps get a grip of the repercussions and brace for a more secure cyber space.