iPhone X – The Prices Are Different Worldwide

It has now been 10 years since Apple launched the iPhone on the market! And yes, they obviously triggered a true smartphone boom. For this occasion, the iPhone X comes out.

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A real Killer feature does not possess it, the new iPhone. Apart from a functioning facial recognition and an animojie function, with which one can transfer their own facial features to various emojis. This may be funny, but nothing is really new. As I said, a real killer feature is missing in my eyes.

However, what really is impressive is the price of the new iPhone. This is impressive and now exceeds the 1000 dollar mark.

However, which is also interesting, the prices for the premium smartphone available from 3 November will vary depending on the country. The Hungarians are most likely to reach their pockets. Sweden and Danes also have to spend more than 300 US dollars more than in the USA. The iPhone X is most likely to be available in Japan, Switzerland, and the Arab Emirates. In Germany, the price is in the lower midfield.

The following infographic shows an interesting comparison of the prices for the iPhone X worldwide:

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