Is it Always Necessary to Customize Your JQuery Plug-in?

JQuery is written in JavaScript, but has very different capabilities. A few lines written in JQuery are equivalent to 15-20 lines in JavaScript. This is why with jQuery, you can do much more and write very less as compared to JavaScript. Because of this very useful characteristic, web pages and web applications built using JQuery are easy to install, easy to use and very easy to customize.

Why choose JQuery Plug-ins?

JQuery plug-ins are very popular, and today almost everyone is using JQuery plug-ins to make their websites attractive to visitors. JQuery plug-ins let you design sliding galleries of images, provide customization effects and even animation effects. JQuery plug-ins are usually lightweight and installing and operating them is a breeze.

Is it Always Necessary to Customize Your JQuery Plug-in?

Should you always customize your JQuery plug-in? Yes, you should and you must! JQuery is nothing but a fundamental base, a beginning to something better, and you should customize it to give your website a fresh look.

As JQuery plug-ins are so popular, it isn’t difficult to find the same plug-ins used on different websites. For example, if you have a photo website and you are using a popular and non-customized JQuery image gallery plug-in, then it is almost guaranteed that there is some other website out there exactly similar to yours, because both your website and that other website utilize the same JQuery image gallery plug-in!

Let’s assume that a visitor coming to your website for pictures has already visited the other website with the same JQuery image gallery plug-in as well. Now, his interest in your website will drop to rock bottom, because from his perspective, he will feel that he has already visited a website like yours (even though the content is not the same!). People look for uniqueness in every website they visit, and this uniqueness can and must extend to the website design as well. And JQuery plug-ins are, at times, the cornerstones to the design of your website. A well designed website will help you attract more visitors than ever before.

Customize your JQuery Plug-in

Most JQuery plug-ins are designed for customization. You can change anything and everything; there are color changing animations, pictures, backgrounds and transition effects. There are large numbers of combinations that you can choose, so that your website becomes and remains unique. As mentioned earlier, the code of the JQuery plug-in is easy to modify and you don’t need to waste much time doing it. What’s more, there are many websites on the internet offering tutorials on how to customize a JQuery plug-in. You can contact the place where you got your plug-in for support as well.

Taking everything into account, it is safe to say that customizing your JQuery plug-ins is essential. It allows you to give any and all visitors a unique website. The experience they will get on your website, because of the customization, they cannot obtain anywhere else in the vast world that comprises the internet.