jQuery 1.6.3 update allows animation that is smoother

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jQuery 1.6.3 update


It isn’t something that’s downright new and different but jQuery 1.6 version is now updated. To ensure that sites do not fret, the 1.6.1 version was released by the team to ensure compatibility of the latest techniques with functionalities of the older version, after the 1.6 version’s big outcry. Just like the way the 1.6.2 took care of a few flaws, in the same way the latest version 1.6.3 fixes a number of bugs, but with an additional change which many people may not be pleased about though.


For the requestAnimation Frame API the support is dropped. To allow animation that is smoother, addition to the animation frame has been made with enhancement provided by jQuery. However this addition is not well carried forward as many issues are faced by the revamped requestAnimationFrame. Issues faced include the animation that takes up too much time after which the entire sequence runs at speeds that are really extreme, the wormhole. The team of jQuery has taken the decision that jQuery would need to wait due to which, the requestAnimationFrame has been dropped completely.


Help can be obtained from the security fix


Once the working out of kinks happens, it is hoped that the frame can get reintroduced once again. The requestAnimationFrame continues to exist for you to use it but not as a jQuery integral feature. Few fixes have been done, but on a minor basis. For preventing injection of scripts, help can be obtained from the security fix. Due to the existence of the selector, the HTML tags are not allowed to stay within as you move on. If a minor quick-fix release is to be considered the bug fix list is quite long.


Fixing an XSS attack vector and animation wormholes will not exist:


Besides this there are some situations which can be fixed, for example where crashing of the browser occurs. In the jQuery code no change needs to be made if the 1.6.1 or the 1.6.2 is run. The jQuery updates include a few highlights out of which one of them is fixing an XSS attack vector. The location.hash is being used to select elements which are being used by many sites. They allow the script to get injected into the page. It is for this reason that prevention of the script injection and the selector recognition has undergone modification.


With the few minor changes, animation worm holes will not exist. The HTML5 data handing can be done in a better way for jQuery as well as the plugins internal use, in addition to the data attributes of HTML5 initial value reading. Improvisation on the ability of using conventions of HTML5 to convert to camelCase from camel-case whenever required is also being made possible. Only the HTML5 data attributes are read by the API. However, the changes are not kept in sync with subsequent changes in the data. The changes looked forward to will increase the versatility of the jQuery applications and make the forum a preferred one.