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jQuery Ajax overlay plugin a brilliant web interface

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For interaction between web users many interface designs have already been incorporated and continue to be introduced. The effect in light box style is quite familiar these days especially for making overlays of pages as well as pop-up windows. Many professional designers of websites in the present times are putting their best foot forward in the effort of making useful components not only readily available but reusable as well and generic so that dropping these components on the website bag enhancement as never before.

One of the latest techniques being adopted is the jQuery Ajax overlay plugin which has been recently launched for the benefit of web users. In case you own a website for books then the site can now feature a page each, for any kind of book that is already in the market or is being published, and all that the web user has to do is click onto the ‘add to list’ button which in turn helps in doing just what the command directs – under various sections like ‘to read’ or a ‘Favorite books’ section. The options are multiple and the overall results are enriching as they add functionality to the site for better visibility.

jQuery plugin a commonplace indulgence now

Using jQuery plugin is becoming commonplace indulgence now. For overlay windows and for jQuery plugins (for the light box effect) it is usually a production in-house. The rate, at which the need for frequent use of jQuery plugins is considered, greatly influences either under delivery or over delivery. As far as components of carousel are concerned, a mixture of jCarousel Lite and jCarousel is being used by many designers, besides the carousel component available in-house. Page assets from a large set can be added. JCarousel delivers overkill as far as needs of the user is concerned.

jQuery Ajax overlay plugin is highly compatible for different web users and sites

In the case of Carousel Lite, it is comparatively smaller and has limited scope. For pacifying and meeting related issues, the plugin is a version that is highly compatible for different web users and sites. The key is the plugin use case. The functionality caters to a number of scenarios, presently. Included in these usages is the ability to take elements that already exist in DOM prior to presenting them to users. This can be done by getting a form submitted via AJAX, which is then displayed on the overlay windows resulting page.

This enables access to the much needed source of a URL via the AJAX system, which pops up on the screen of the user. All that the user has to do is to enter the jQuery Ajax Overlay plugin which has 300 lines of code. For getting the overlay styled, there are as few corresponding CSS dictates which can also be adopted. Options like the ‘recursive-selector’ callbacks etc are elements that prove to be very useful. Improvement to the site can be done in a number of areas like getting the overlay resized, unbinding and binding events, and addressing the need for application of CSS as well.