jQuery and Visual LANSA for a rejuvenated 1 (SP1) package

Visual LANSA upgrade with jQuery (JavaScript library)

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Visual LANSA gets an upgrade with the use of jQuery (JavaScript library) in its version 12. The wholly rejuvenated service package 1 (SP1) now makes it very easy for web developers across the spectrum to be able to innovate and create applications on the world wide web that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also rife with upswing features. The announcement of the tie up from LANSA this month has got web developers up and ready to explore the new platform. With the jQuery and LANSA upgrade if you really want to create interfaces full of the AJAX-based sophistication rapidly, all you have to do is deploy your technical expertise and allow the automation to do the rest.

Address user interface development on the LANSA platform

Dedicated web interfaces for IBM i or Windows can be developed with this upgrade. jQuery completely compliments Visual LANSA in the endeavor. The combo of empowerment brings on rapid application time and cost effectively. It works like a development platform which is deep rooted in LANSA’s 4GL. The interface thus RDML powered gives you versatility and quality that only jQuery can bring to the application. With this, you an address user interface development on the LANSA platform, focusing on the accelerating need to cater to business logic and site components that can be reused in application.

Such components are born out of the jQuery and LANSA combo. As a popular JavaScript library, jQuery offers Visual LANSA users access to a number of dedicated application enhancers. You can experiment and enjoy the sophistication of a variety of interface components that are pre-built and full of jQuery controls. You are thus able to address the development of platforms that have functionalities as dynamic as auto-complete, date-time, dynamic drop down, date, Google Chart Tools, text editor, tree view, menu bar and time. LANSA SP1 is thus made more upscale with access to native JavaScript JSON.

Multiple pre-defined layout options and ready-to-use themes

The news is out and the avenues opening up to accommodate the jQuery and LANSA combo are in thousands already. JavaScript jQuery empowerment is now also a part of LANSA’s aXes, the highly developed and upgraded modernization tool. With all these functionalities now available under the once specially devised umbrella package deal, you can also benefit from the deployment of SP1’s enhancements like the upbeat layout wizard. According to LANSA, this new wizard not only speeds up the development of a page layout design but also defines color gradation and scheming much more efficiently.

Multiple pre-defined layout options and ready-to-use themes (eight in all) are all at your disposal. The wizard is ingrained with capabilities that allow generation of required HTML, JavaScript and CSS language coding, making you as a developer much happier with the designed application content. Even the metadata repository that once only catered to requirements in business logic and validation now has power in the form of External Resource. This allows developers to bring in new application artifacts and resources and also check-in and check-out LANSA objects. With the upgrade, Visual LANSA can befriend the iSeries for green-screen IBM I to create an Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool.