jQuery in relation to templates extension from Microsoft

jQuery and Microsoft may not be what you had in mind

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With a lot of hype and in a very big way jQuery has been put to use by Microsoft. As part of the standard process of contributions made by jQuery, the company has put in a lot of efforts in the creation of their very own extensions right up to the library at the core. For getting parts of the Microsoft Ajax Library replaced many of the developers of Java script as well of the Microsoft along with the main team members of jQuery have put in a lot of effort to take the endeavor on the floor.

The main effort put in by the team members is for the creation of extensions for getting Microsoft Ajax Library parts replaced. Effective extensions are needed for obtaining data that can be made use of easily. It is from the pages on the website on the client side that usable data needs to be availed. Globalization of a particular site can be achieved in a very easy manner once necessary extensions are provided. For effective handling of different kinds of requirements, efforts are being put in by the team members for the creation of a UI grid.

With the UI grid creation, all desired and necessary features can be incorporated. The process of creating these extensions becomes easy with the jQuery and Microsoft presence. One of the major features – the templates of the client side is now added to the Ajax Library of Microsoft before switching over to jQuery. For getting templates added to jQuery, proposals made by Microsoft shortly after the support in Visual Studio as well as ASP.NET for jQuery was announced, are now in place. The combined effort from the industry’s two biggest contributors – Microsoft and jQuery makes the endeavor qualitative and trustworthy, besides being a real value investment.

jQuery templates in context to client HTML needs

Microsoft has ensured to put in a lot of hard work besides that put in by the community of jQuery for the creation of templates. In a special data provision set, for each of the items the browser steps in to help with the definition of HTML. These effective templates allow easier generation as well as rendering of HTML services to the client. The kind of template that has been designed is of the special HTML structure that is declaratively defined. Templates have been designed alongside the expressions binding on HTML.

Java Script for client side via Ajax Library

This was done with the main purpose of content generation as well as development of mark up languages for pages on the website. Within lesser run time, desired content can be generated. In a dynamic manner objects of Java Script can be generated on the client side or retrieved from the server via the Ajax Library. As per your desire, the content can be structured and accordingly it can be added in a dynamic manner onto the web page. This is the main benefit of the template as there is no need of writing codes or using string concatenation. These templates are now being used extensively for updating client site pages.