JQuery Mobile and Beta 1 – a deadly combo

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JQuery Mobile and Beta 1 towards change that is upscale

A big step has been taken by the JQuery Mobile creators. Awaited eagerly, the release of Beta 1 has brought in change that is upscale. The support provided is on a platform that is expanded, along with a lot of major changes and a host of bug fixes as well as minor tweaks. Progress was anticipated, as far as the JQuery Mobile release was concerned but it did not happen in a rapid manner; anyways users have their fingers to chew on now. In about 30 days, the Beta 2 is also out, due to which the Beta 1 is the current target to deal with the date in ‘late summer’ currently announced by the team.

jQuery Mobile 1.0 will also require the jQuery core 1.6

As baseline, the jQuery Mobile 1.0 will also require the jQuery core 1.6 and later on, two major versions of the core. This recent revelation will be amply supported as well.  Devices in a very wide range are being supported by the Query Mobile at any one of any of the three levels. As far as the A grade level is concerned, with the transitions of the animated page that are Ajax based, an experience that is fully enhanced can be enjoyed. At the B Grade level and   without features of navigation that are Ajax based, one can yet make the most of the jQuery experience and enhancement.

As far as the level C grade is concerned, an HTML experience that is non-enhanced and basic but functional is observed.  In the Alpha 4 Beta, the Opera Mini and the Blackberry 5 devices with the WP7 support make it A-grade. Along with the Windows Phone 6.5, the platforms of Blackberry and Opera Mini put life into the category B grade, despite difficulties experienced while handling navigation that is Ajax based. The OS or operating systems of the Smartphone that were popularly introduced recently are all ‘A’ grade. In the C grade fall devices that are not able to support queries from the media as well as the Blackberry 4.x.

A few of the platforms as well as devices are yet to undergo testing which also includes the Nokia S60 which with an A/B is targeted for a Beta 2 release. Besides this, the Palm Web OS 3.0 which is a device for testing has not been forthcoming. Test devices are not available for Samsung Bada for support currently. For Meego support the project is being dropped in the light of the decision of Nokia’s to get this platform relegated to an experimental platform.

Changes necessary for smooth transition in Beta 1

With just a few important changes, the transitions can be made less jumpy and smoother in the Beta1. Smoothness that was earlier perceived was affected by the continuous hiding of the URL bar and scrolling for page position correction. The latest tweak for hiding the URL bar in the Android as well as the iOS is now out. Besides this, the pages can also be scrolled in a better manner. In the latest Beta 1, the devices and platform details have undergone rigorous testing, and whatever changes have been done can now be viewed on the blog dedicated to jQuery Mobile.