jQuery Mobile Beta 3 released

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Launch details of jQuery Mobile beta 3

jQuery Mobile 3 is a state of the art product which is sure to get you excited and make you want to own one. The jQuery is integrated with a touch optimized web framework, which is applicable for smartphones and tablets. Well now with all the different phones and operating systems which are available in the market, downloading correct application can be quite a treat. jQuery supports all latest operating systems, be it Android, Windows, iOS, or Symbian. One can easily say that this is a major breakthrough in technology. In order to adapt to a range device form factors, they have a built in dynamic touch interface. Even overall feel of the phone is outstanding. One can expand CSS framework to build mobile themes easily. This also gives the power to design full applications.

The jQuery mobile scheduled to release at the end of this month, will mainly aim at cliental which surfs the net. Thus the features in its advanced software have been so developed in order to make online usage more user friendly. It has already been released in beta form to ensure that there is no breaking of sites, ensuring compatibility with functionalities that are older and making changes in the working of different properties. The jQuery team has been quick in incorporating jQuery Mobile Beta 3, and for all the good reasons.

jQuery Mobiles was happy to announce the launch of beta 3 which brought into focus the latest of features and API changes. Beta 3 has witnessed some major improvements which are worthy of mention. Launched on a jQuery framework, this beta 3 will have pushState support along with slick fixed headers and transitions for iOS5 platform along with other additional improvements.

Features and support of jQuery Mobile Beta 3

jQuery Mobile Beta 3 offers top class support to a long list of smartphones currently available in the market.  Apple iOS 3.2-5.0 beta, Android 2.1-2.3, Windows Phone 7, Palm WebOS 1.4-2.0 and 3.0, Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile, Android Honeycomb, Blackberry 6,7 and Play book and Kindle 3 are some of the smartphones that are supported by jQuery Mobile Beta 3.

Besides these smartphones, a number of desktop versions too such as Chrome 11, 13, Internet explorer 7-9, Opera 10-11 and Firefox 3.6-4.0 too are supported by jQuery Mobile Beta 3.

What is pushStart at jQuery Mobile Beta 3

Beta 3 will have pushStart support which means that you will be able to update URL to a clean and standard path in browsers. pushStart support permits an enhancement in navigation.

jQuery Beta 3 mobile works on a wide variety of desktops, smartphones, and e-readers. Even older browsers and phones can get this support due to an enhanced approach. jQuery Mobile Beta 3 version has been updated, but not one too major. In some of the cases situations are on record where crashing of the browser actually takes place. In case as a user you run with beta version, there needn’t be any changes made. If you are interested in getting the new version downloaded, a wise idea would be to see the official source posting for jQuery Mobile Beta 3 when upgrading.